!! Events Coming Up !!

The bookfair has ended, and July is almost finished.
Coming up next is Ani-com

Here's my plan and timetable, soft of:
7月30日 Ani-com: 夏達Autograph(hope to get)/中野腐女子/Puffy
7月31日 APM: Puffy/ Ani-com: Scandal
8月 1日 Cyril /Scandal Concert
8月 2日 Ani-com: Kalafina

8月6日Kalafina Concert(Planning to go...not decided yet)
8月7日佐佐木功Concert (A good chance! Might go...)

8月18日 Kamen rider in HK 2010(This is my first time seeing such a show. ^_^)
8月20日 Mikuni Shinakawa Concert(Only 200 seats available, definitely want to see)
8月28日 Anna Tsuchiya HEY YOU 1st Live in Hong Kong(Might go... but I guess I will be out of $$$)

8月20日~8月23日 still has the computer fair
8月21日~8月22日 also has Comic World HK
Wow~ so many events in August! I will be broke!

9月16~19日,21,22日 Jay Chow Concert in HK (Definitely want to see!!)
9月23日 Jam Project Concert OR Puffy Concert (they are on the SAME NIGHT! ORZ, can only pick one to see)
9月30日 Megumi Nakajima premium live in HONG KONG (Ranka from Macross Frontier! Must see!)

11月~(Macau) AKB48 +SKE48? LIVE in ASIA
12月~ Joe Hisaishi Concert ( >_< b )

This definitely is the year that breaks my record of watching the highest number of concert within a year!


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